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» Liquid Meter
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» Material Of Construction
  1. For Standard (Non Corrosive) application for wetted Components i.e. Components coming in contact with liquid to be measured:

    Name of the components Material Used
    Casting (Top & Bottom) Cast Iron
    Chamber (Top & Bottom) Brass
    Nutating Disc Aluminium/Graphite
    Diaphragm Brass
    Gear Train Brass
    Register Cover Aluminium (Non Wetted Part)
    Gland Brass
    Calibration Gear Aluminium (Non Wetted Part)
    All pins (pivots) and spindles are of stainless steel


  2. For cold water application i.e. water below 45 0 c materials of construction as standard meter except Nutating Disc. Which of Ebonite
  3. For hot water application i.e. water above 45 0 c to 100 0 c only nutating is made of Brass. All other material is same as standard meter
  4. For corrosive application nutating disc is made from Teflon /SS 316 and other components are made of stainless steel 316/304.
» Guarantee
  • All liten Meters are made of the finest materials and workmanship for a period of one year * from date of shipment. Parts to replace those in which a defect may develop within such period will be supplied without charge piece for piece, upon return of such defective parts to the manufacture or upon proof of such defect.

  • for non corrosive oils and fuel oils only. The guarantee period for Hot and Cold water, non lubricating liquids and corrosive liquid will be one year or 1000 hours of actual use whichever is earlier.

  • in the interest development specification are subject to change without notice.