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» Liquid Meter
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» Application
  • An accurate volumetric control of industrial liquids is an economic necessity in view of the high value of these products. The design and material of volumetric meters must be adapted to the particular operating condition and the properties of the measured liquids.
  • Liten Nutating Disc P.D. meter meet all these requirements. They are used for Petroleum fuel such as : Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, High Speed Diesel , Kerosene etc. and final liquids such as Solvents, Acids, Dispertions, Paint, Molasses, Tar Hot Water etc.
  • Liten meters, available in size ½ to 6 covering capacities from 5 to 12, 000 litres per hour, viscosity rating upto 12,000 CpS provide for liquids from water and Carbon Tetra Chloride to thick Molasses and Road Tar. It is Suitable for operating pressures upto 50 kgs/cm2 and temperatures upto 2040C.
  • Liten liquid meters are used for a multitude of matering and control purpose e.g. loading/unloading of tankers lorries, determine costs, finding out efficiency of equipment etc.
  • With change in materials of construction, the meter can be used for measurement of any clean liquid, whether corrosive or non- corrosive.  
» Design & Operation
  • The meter design is based on internationally proven positive displacement nutating disc isolates a fixed volume of liquid and the motion is transmitted to the totaliser through sturdy in construction and operating. Heance these meters are used for heavy duty industrial applications. Since the disk has a rolling actions, it causes a very low head loss in the flow of the liquid. Hence these meters can easily work on gravity head or on suction side and delivery of the pump.
» Major Features
  • High accuracy and repeatability with low pressure drop.
  • Materials of construction changeable to suit the measured liquid.
  • Large metering range for varying viscosities suitable for high viscosities.
  • Easy dismantling and cleaning without removing the meter from the pipe work.