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» Liquid Meter
Sectional View of Meter
Design & Operation
Major Features
Selection of Meters
Metering Range
Dimension & Weight
Material Of construction
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» Advantages
  1. Accurate measurement of consumption of fuel oil helps you to control fuel consumption and the cost. Pilferage is detected, you save oil result is considerable saving. In fact the meter pays for it self many times over in such savings.
  2. Iit helps you to know whether your boiler, furnace etc., are working to desired efficiency or not. Poor efficiency is detected. You can take proper action and get better output.
  3. Measurement by dip stick is very approximate. It is subject to lot of human error. There is no record. Liten meters give you very accurate record with no scope to make error.
  4. If you are mixing several liquids like solvents etc., Liten meter enables you to mix right quantity of liquids, ensuring economic use. It helps you avoid wastage. It helps you to get better quality product with right mixing of different liquids.

    Liten flow meter helps you save money, avoid wastage and improve efficiency. It is a good investment which pays rich dividend in a short time.
» Accuracy


  • Standard meters        +- 2%
  • Special meters*         +- 0.5%
  • Repeatability             +- 0.2%

    *For Constant viscosity & restricted flow rates application
» Temperature
Standard meters (water) 45C
                       (Other Liquid) 70C
Special meters s 204C
» Pressure
Standard meters 5 kgs/cm2
Special meters upto 50 kgs/cm2