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The Company was founded in 1981 by Prakash Oka, a qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing of electronic components and Director of company. We are the Pioneer in the manufacturing Nutating disc design offer a very sturdy flow metering system which is ideally suited for measurement of large variety industrial liquids. The flow meter design has been perfected to suit Indian condition is certified by V.J.T.I. Flow Test Lab.

Our flow meters have been very well received by the Indian Industry since their introduction and they are in use with over a thousand industrial units in the country Our meters have been widely used as an import substitute and also exported to many countries.

With change of material of Construction, Our meters can be used for a very large variety of liquids of very low to very high viscosities and corrosive and non corrosive properties. Each flow meter is tailor made to suit each application to ensure high accuracy.

Our meters find application in various industries such as

  1. Chemicals
  2. Steel
  3. Automobiles
  4. Tyre
  5. Pharmeceutical
  6. Food Proceesing
  7. Textile
  8. Garments, etc.